If you run a start-up or SME, you probably want to grow it into a larger company. However, as your small business grows into a larger one, its IT requirements will also grow. This means that you’ll need to scale your IT systems and solutions as your business expands. Unfortunately, scaling your IT systems isn’t easy if you’re not a computer expert. Luckily, IT support services can assist you. There are three key steps you should take to scale your IT systems and a good support service can help with all of them. We’ll examine each of them in today’s blog post.

1. Cloud migration

The bigger a business becomes, the more data it generates. Financial records, product information, performance metrics and other pieces of information all need to be stored. Obviously, you can’t just keep adding more and more storage devices to your on-site computer network. Therefore, in order to scale your data storage capacity, you should migrate your data to off-site cloud servers run by a cloud storage provider. Cloud storage is infinitely scalable and doesn’t require you to buy bulky, physical storage devices. A good IT support provider can help when it comes to moving your data to the cloud.

2. Adding additional hardware

As businesses grow, their IT systems need to take on more functions and handle more operations per second. In other words, they require more processing power. One way to increase a system’s processing power and enable it to cope with more functions is to integrate new computers into the business’s network. IT support services can assist you with adding new hardware to your existing network without disrupting it.

3. Virtualisation

Another way to increase your IT system’s functionality is through virtualisation. As we’ve explained in previous blogs, virtualisation allows businesses to run multiple different functions on the same server. This allows you to scale your IT network’s functionality without incurring significant costs. It can be used as an alternative to additional hardware or to complement it.

Here at Nimbus CS, we provide cloud migration, hardware set-up and virtualisation services alongside our standard IT support. We operate across Britain and now provide IT support in Belfast and the rest Northern Ireland, so if you’re based in any of these areas and want to help your business grow, contact us about scaling your IT system today.

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