While the current government has its fair share of critics, it has won over some SMEs in recent months, in no small part thanks to the tax reductions it set out for small businesses in the 2016 budget.


Another area in which the government has moved to be a helping hand for SMEs, rather than a hindrance, is IT security. The Cyber Essentials scheme was set up to back SMEs with a clear agenda for how they can maintain a basic level of “security hygiene”, attempting to safeguard against some of the more common malicious threats that IT infrastructures are faced with.


Under the scheme, companies can apply for two different awards – Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. Designed to be cost effective, the scheme can benefit SMEs to understand the importance of a solid IT security framework, and how to go about achieving it.




It is expected that the possession of a Cyber Essentials award of some level could soon become mandatory for suppliers in many sectors – companies that service the public sector are already obliged to possess one or more of the certificates.


Getting on track with Cyber Essentials can be seen as a time drain for some SMEs with a limited team that handles their IT on a daily basis, as their core business activities naturally get in the way of readying their firm for the assessment. At Nimbus CS we recognise that time is of the essence, and have developed a solution which allows SMEs to get up to speed with Cyber Essentials as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to their regular business commitments.


In the long run, a small investment in obtaining a Cyber Essentials certificate could end up saving your business money. According to government statistics, 2015 saw 74% of SMEs suffer a security breach (up from 60% in 2014) with the average cost of a business’s most serious breach ranging from £75,000 to £311,000.


Because of this risk, Cyber Essentials is a no brainer, and we stand ready to help your business attain certification with the minimum of fuss. Call us today for an informal chat on how we might help your business safeguard itself against the most prevalent IT security threats.

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