We loved Jen, Roy and Moss – these days they’ve moved on to greater things. Chris O’Dowd is on Broadway,  Richard Ayoade is an acclaimed movie director and Katherine Parkinson is a BBC stalwart.

Back in the old days, every company with more than a handful of employees managed their IT in-house and the old jokes still echo through the halls about ‘turning it off, then turning it on again’.

Nowadays many companies, even smaller businesses, choose to outsource their IT and even basic computer support. But why?

Well in truth, any company director can see it’s a waste of resources having a highly-paid member of staff going round the building switching computers off and then on. The general workforce is now computer savvy enough to handle the basics and that means that the IT representative’s job would be limited to the more specialist aspects of the job, which creates its own problem.

The world has moved beyond one single employee being able to handle all the complex tasks such as networks, databases, Cloud access and more. These are highly specialised positions and if one person could do them all they could command a wage far higher than many a SME could justify. The only alternative is an arsenal of specialists, which simply isn’t appropriate for small firms and only really works at an enterprise level.

Outsourced IT

So now it makes sense to outsource as much of the IT as possible to companies with access to the relevant experts and enough knowledge in each separate field to co-ordinate the efforts effectively. IT is such a vast field now that one person simply cannot do everything; a Jack of All Trades would inevitably be a master of none.

With companies relying so much more on constant internet access, websites running smoothly and, increasingly, app access for staff and customers, it’s naïve to think that the old system could continue in any meaningful way. The IT Crowd concept simply doesn’t work anymore.


IT has slowly worked its way into all of our working lives and it is simply best to bring in outside help who can take the entire problem off your hands. That way there isn’t someone being paid to tinker with computers when the staff can do it themselves and there is always an expert on hand that can deal with the major issues as they arise.

So outsourcing IT isn’t just the smarter way to do business, for smaller SMEs it is the only truly viable way.

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