If you run a business, you are probably already aware of how important it is for your staff to have access to the right software. If they can’t utilise the correct programmes and applications, it can be difficult for an employee to carry out their role sufficiently. Unfortunately, ensuring that your employees can get access to the software they need isn’t always easy. In today’s flexible and complex work world, many of your employees may have to work from outside the office, meaning that they can’t simply sit down and log onto a company-owned computer. One way to solve the problem is to invest in a hosted desktop. But what is a hosted desktop and how does it work?

Hosted desktop

The concept of a hosted desktop is actually much simpler than it sounds. It just refers to an online space where individuals can access a range of applications that aren’t stored on their computer. These virtual desktops look and act exactly like ordinary, offline desktops. They present users with a range of different software applications that can be accessed and used just like their offline equivalents. The only difference is that hosted desktops are stored on a cloud server rather than on a single computer’s hard drive. This means that they can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Hosted desktops are obviously ideal for employers who want to make sure their employees can access the right software, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using. Instead of installing a set of programmes on every single device an employee might use, the employer only has to place those programmes on a single desktop that everyone can access. This saves a lot of effort and hard-drive space while simultaneously ensuring that everyone can use the same software.

Make sure it’s right for you

Of course, hosted desktops aren’t the correct solution for everyone. Offline desktops are obviously slightly more secure because they can’t be accessed through the internet. As a result, if security is a major concern for your business, it may be better to stick with offline applications. However, if you don’t need to store sensitive information in any of your applications and security isn’t a major problem for you, a hosted desktop may be the ideal solution.

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