Any kind of business that operates across the UK knows how important cyber-security is now. Making sure that your IT servers and systems are robust enough to deal with any threat is vital to your business. This will not only help to protect your systems from being infected with malware or viruses but it will also keep the sensitive data you store on them secure.

But how can you be sure that your IT security arrangements are up to scratch? That is where an IT security health check comes into its own.

How can this help protect your business?

In simple terms, a thorough cyber-security health check will review your current IT security and the arrangements you have in place to keep any malicious attacks out. This can be done by in-house IT staff if you have them but many businesses will employ a professional third party to get a second opinion. Here are a few reasons why they make perfect sense for any size of business.

Helps to spot gaps

One problem that many businesses face when it comes to staying safe online is there may be gaps in their defences. They will in all probability not know that these gaps are there, which leaves them wide open to future attack. An IT security check will help to spot whether your router, firewall or other measures are at risk so you can get it sorted out.

GDPR protection

You have probably heard enough about GDPR to last a lifetime, but it does have an impact here too. The onus is on businesses now to do all they can to protect any personal data they hold on their IT systems. A security review will ensure that you are doing this and in a way that can be proved.

Staff education

Another great reason to get your IT security checked is that you can also use it as a reminder to staff of their responsibilities. When they see the importance that you put on keeping the various company servers and systems safe, they will be more committed to doing their bit also.

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