Are you an SME owner? If so, when you think of managed IT support, is it something which you associate with larger companies of say, 50+ employees? If the answer is yes, it might be time for a rethink.

In this blog we look at some of the reasons why managed IT support isn’t just for the big boys:

1 Humble beginnings, big ambitions

One of the beauties of IT support for SMEs is that it is completely scalable and can grow with your business. That means you pay for exactly what you need, and not for what you don’t. If you currently have an IT manager or small team which you don’t believe is offering you a return on investment, it might be time to ditch them and bring in outsourced managed IT support which can deliver real value.

2 Time to focus

When you are a growing business, you need to channel all your energies into reaching your short and longer term business objectives. That means putting your heart and soul into your product or service, and ensuring it is a cut above the competition. What you don’t need are server dramas and email nightmares filling up your day. If you are currently struggling to share IT responsibilities around a team with other duties, managed IT support can take the weight off your shoulders significantly


3 Trust the experts

As an SME, it might be unlikely that you are able to employ an IT professional who is a true expert in their field. But why settle for a good all rounder who can take care of the basics, but struggles when it comes to more complex projects? By bringing in the experts from a managed IT support service, you have the benefit of top level advice ‘on tap’ when you need it. And in many cases, it can cost you less than taking on a full time employee.

So there are some small business IT support benefits to consider – outsourcing might be one of the smartest decisions you make in the early stages of growing your company.

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