Leasing Options 


Leasing IT Hardware is a good option for organisations who have limited capital or budget to update their systems. Given that devices and software must be upgraded every few years in order to maintain performance and security, our leasing plans offer the flexibility to refresh rather than be left with legacy equipment that can be detrimental to business continuity.

Low upfront cost 

Help cashflow and tax benefits 

Flexible terms 

Frequent Refresh  

The advantages of Leasing IT Equipment

The primary benefit of leasing business equipment is that it allows you to acquire assets with minimal initial expenditure which in turn helps cashflow. Our flexible terms mean that you can tailor your own payment amounts and the length of time you wish to finance the equipment over. Leasing is also tax deductible and be offset as a business expense against your pre-tax profits.

Leasing in the current Covid-19 climate

The rapid upheaval that has taken place in the last couple of months has seen organisations and their workers moving their day to day operations to a remote environment. While this can be achieved in a number of ways, there is no doubt that in order for remote working to be secure and sustainable in the medium to long term, it will require an investment in IT systems. Therefore, leasing is an ideal option for companies who want to continue to work effectively without having large up-front capital costs.

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