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Today’s businesses increasingly have team members out of the office travelling or working remotely – but in order to be effective they need to have access to the same functionality as in the office, i.e. email, intranet, CRM and other applications. Our service includes Remote Desktop Support for your team if they are out of the office or out of the country, plus support of BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.

Nimbus Remote Working solutions provides your business with integration and support of mobile devices which will allow your staff to be on line and connected. We have introduced these solutions to all our clients who have staff in the field or working from remote locations. They can be working from home or travelling abroad and still have access to:

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Our remote working solutions include:

  • Single PC Access
    Utilising remote access software, you can access all applications as if you were in the office. We can configure your local printer at home to be able to print documents / emails or reports that are stored and generated on the office system. A cost effective and reliable option.


  • Terminal Services Access
    This technology is used when numerous users will require access to internal resources such as central databases, accounting, email & shared calendaring, Microsoft office documents, and intranet resources, amongst others. Ideal for remote sites to enable users access to HQ resources, it can additionally be utilised for home working, again providing local printing facilities.


  • Outlook Web Access
    Provided as functionality of Microsoft Exchange, this provides access to your email resources resources via any internet connection, wherever you are, and utilises certificate based Secure Socket Layer technology, to ensure security.


  • Microsoft  Server Remote Access
    Remote Web functionality utilises the internet once more, to enable remote desktop access, through the Microsoft Windows Server, directly to your PC. Embedded security levels via the server ensures all internal data security integrity.

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